Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tears of mother

Tears of mother

This is one of the unique feelings I experienced during my recent visit to Ukraine. Tears of mother came so vivid and lively, as if time stood still. Used to seeing beggers since birth, all around in India, never gave me the feeling that reminded me of tears of a mother, when I met a very old octagenarian lady begging infront of a church in Kyiv. I felt the handicap of language to translate my feelings so sublime. Sleep went off my eyes, only I was feeling the desparate cry of a old mother. I lost my mother in 2001. Eversince tried to feel a mother whenevr seen any old lady. But this begger made me feel so sad. I felt the human achievements has no valus unless tears of such mothers are wiped out. believe me readrs, I cant help my tears in my eyes as i am writing this posting now in 12th April afternoon, which one special lady inspired me to create my own blg. I am not naming her, 'coz naming her will evaporate the dew drops on the blade of morning grass.


Munmun said...

Dear STU,
Beutiful post. Often what we miss out in life, rebounds and hits us with a larger-than-life force, after our loved ones go away.
The caress of the beloved can never be measured in words.. but nevertheless it is all we can do to keep the memories alive. Hence I admire the very first post you have put up today.. I'm sure there are many people who will love to read your writings.
Please never stop.

Alone in the Crowd said...

Thanks for your comment. It is all about our feelings, feelings so sublime that give human spirit its fulfilment.

jayati said...

Simply beautiful, feelings which have come truly from inside.
This blog of yours touched my heart and moved me to tears......
Please do keep writing such beautiful posts.
Asadharan dada!

James Bond 007 said...

... I am sitting miles away from my mother....but still can feel the turmeric clad hands caressing me... who says you ever grew-up?!

naah this post has not made crying, but have given me hope...soon i can touch her..Maa.
here i pay my ode to unnamed lady...or just 'mother' is the name. Your cripple hand han still give the warmth...