Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Roses and aspirations

The Night had set-in
in a pleasant winter night.
Roses for human aspirations for a
peaceful life full of L O V E
to proclaim that human beings are
not for human flesh :---
A world free from the tyranny
of Fascists and Nazis.

At the dawn hours
my quest to discover the glittering
golden dew on the rosebuds
Vanishes in the blue.

The glory of all human achievements,
intermingled with wealth
and the Love of Women ---
flows like the endangered wonder
dancing through my veins.

Those pale roses held
by your tender care in the morning
remind me that
at the end of 20th century
we still love ---
Roses of our aspirations
for an Eternal Happiness.


There is festivity in the air outside
the wind brings your fragrance
this fragrance of your heart touches all my senses
to enlighten , to enjoy the beauty of nature.
Fragrance so sweet, why can’t all people in this world
feel such fragrances -
That would bring down the wall of human hatred?

This fragrance of BOKUL flower so warm
it even enlightens the hatred to wipe away
showing that the fragrance human feeling is the eternal gift .
Fragrance of human feeling breaks all barriers
from bloody Lebanon to Kashmir.

Why we human beings do not feel this fragrance ?
Your fragrance so powerful, can bring down hatred
can usher in Peace in Kashmir and Lebanon
This fragrance is sweeter than the best perfume.
Did I not tell you my dear that I love Fragrances?

Joy of a firefly

Walking alone in the woods
the night sets in
After a days search -
my search for the
real worth of my life,
to discover my own self
amidst the cacophony of material success
disguised under the umbrella of pragmatism.

I reach for the woods
and mother nature wraps me in her warm hug
to make me only to forget
my reason for this search.

The night sets in
and silently comes in
a ray of hope
I meet the light of my life
to discover C h o o m k i in my heart
and I fly with this light of my life
to the eternal realm of LOVE.

This Light of my life
illuminates the darkness of the woods
singing my joy of creating light like that of a Firefly
and that is why the name of my Light is DIYA !

Whisper of wisdom

The silent night
brings whispers of the falling rain
whispering love in tranquility
overflowing emotions
collecting in this solitude of seclusion.

With the torch of glowing fireflies
I am finding truth
like Confucius with all my wisdom only !

The silent night
whispering the wisdom
telling humankind is not for human flesh.

I am searching the epitaph
to wipe the blood stains of violence
with gathered dust of hatred
wiping with my teardrops
shedding from my inner self .

This is what I say to u my friend
Listen to this whispers
of my wisdom
resonating inner cords of your heart
Cause' I know my wisdom will keep whispering into the thoughts
of all my friends.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tears of mother

Tears of mother

This is one of the unique feelings I experienced during my recent visit to Ukraine. Tears of mother came so vivid and lively, as if time stood still. Used to seeing beggers since birth, all around in India, never gave me the feeling that reminded me of tears of a mother, when I met a very old octagenarian lady begging infront of a church in Kyiv. I felt the handicap of language to translate my feelings so sublime. Sleep went off my eyes, only I was feeling the desparate cry of a old mother. I lost my mother in 2001. Eversince tried to feel a mother whenevr seen any old lady. But this begger made me feel so sad. I felt the human achievements has no valus unless tears of such mothers are wiped out. believe me readrs, I cant help my tears in my eyes as i am writing this posting now in 12th April afternoon, which one special lady inspired me to create my own blg. I am not naming her, 'coz naming her will evaporate the dew drops on the blade of morning grass.