Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Joy of a firefly

Walking alone in the woods
the night sets in
After a days search -
my search for the
real worth of my life,
to discover my own self
amidst the cacophony of material success
disguised under the umbrella of pragmatism.

I reach for the woods
and mother nature wraps me in her warm hug
to make me only to forget
my reason for this search.

The night sets in
and silently comes in
a ray of hope
I meet the light of my life
to discover C h o o m k i in my heart
and I fly with this light of my life
to the eternal realm of LOVE.

This Light of my life
illuminates the darkness of the woods
singing my joy of creating light like that of a Firefly
and that is why the name of my Light is DIYA !

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